SharePoint 2010 products

Tech Trek Log – 2010.02.18

Currently, I’m reviewing SharePoint 2010 and its family of products. Lots of name changes especially if you have previously worked on earlier editions:

– WSS is now SharePoint Foundation
– Groove is now known as SharePoint Workspace

– SharePoint Business Intelligence (BI) or Reporting became Insights
– SharePoint database connectivity, workflow processes, and Business Data Catalog (BDC) has been combined as Composites
– SharePoint Portals that include My Site and social networking components was replaced into Communities

One of the apparent changes is the use of contextual ribbons based on Office 2007 release. Thus, reinforcing that such UI is here to stay. Still need to get used with Office button replacement into File menu which should have been there in the first place.

As the old adage goes, “now that you’ve figured it out they change the question.”

I’ll be writing additional changes as I find them. One thing is for certain, Microsoft’s investing a lot in this market space with its fourth iteration due to increasing adoption from companies. This is evidenced of their marketing strategy to rename and connect things into SharePoint to ride into the bandwagon.

Looking back, it is nice to know that portal and collaborations technology has matured as compared to my initial experiences with and writing up a white paper on corporate discussion boards. I never would have imagined specializing in such field more than ten (10) years later and see its evolution.


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