DevTeach SharePoint 2010 session

Tech Trek Log – 2010.04.23

I’ve recently attended a DevTeach session about SharePoint 2010 and here’s a review to share a couple of feedback:

– Canned demo of SharePoint event handlers and exposing data into other clients

It is good to know that development has been improved by including Visual Studio project templates to minimize hand-coding of Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML). What got me excited was the ability to customize the event handlers so that one can override their default behaviors and provide more functionality from basic workflow solutions. Also, it was nice to see the demo of exposing SharePoint data over a rich .NET client using REST APIs and support for client scripting technologies.

– Concept was counter-intuitive of rapid development and covering too many topics in an hour and a half session

One of the primary motivations for SharePoint is the ability to rapidly deploy solutions. Having all these extensions adds a layer of complexity to its configurable nature. It is true that Developers would have a different viewpoint of SharePoint as a web application framework but the technology trend is to distribute as much as possible to non-programmers to allow us perform quicker implementations. This is the mantra of Web 2.0 and we saw how Wikis or blogs have exploded because they made it easy for non-techies to write and customize content.

Also, I was a bit disappointed that there were too many topics crammed into the session which makes the presentation “a mile wide and an inch deep” due to non-business scenario demos. Yes, get a clue that “Hello World!” is not what we do in corporate environments.

– Misleading title of “How to increase your skills and improve productivity by leveraging the new features of SharePoint 2010”

Unfortunately, if you didn’t read the fine print description you may assume that the session includes business users. To be constructive, it would have been nice if they have mentioned “leveraging the new features of Visual Studio 2010 for SharePoint” to identify that the presentation was geared for developers.

Since my early days of attending these events, I’ve always advocated for including session levels so that they can target for a specific audience rather than including all people across the board and have them lose their interest.

I hope you got some things to take away with this review especially for those doing presentations even if you’re not a SharePoint enthusiast like me.


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