SharePoint Slow Loading issue

Tech Trek – 2011.04.12

You’re SharePoint users may experience a delay when opening a SharePoint site on the initial load while subsequent loads within the day is relatively quick.

Root Cause:

By default, .NET requires loading assemblies or need to re-compile changes as caching technique causing the delay during the initial request to the web server.

A recommended practice in conflict is that IIS performs a recycle daily to reclaim memory and/or application leaks; this results into clearing any cached DLL’s or loaded assemblies so the first user who hits the website typically have to wait.


  • Run a warm-up script daily after a recycle operation so that users don’t have to experience the website delay.
    SharePoint warm-up script
  • Another implementation is available from Joel Oleson’s blog.

One can confirm this behaviour by doing a manual or on-demand recycle of the SharePoint application pool.


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