SharePoint “List does not exist” error

Tech Trek – 2011.06.18

One of the most annoying things about working with technology is getting ambiguous error messages. I got a support call from a SharePoint user reporting an error while clicking “Add new item” link, or “Edit item” button.

SharePoint error messageFrom the looks of it, one might think what happened to the SharePoint site. The user could see the list, navigate the site, and have the correct permissions — right?

Apparently, SharePoint will throw off this error when you configure alternate access mapping (AAM) and the user has the incorrect protocol on the URL. For example,

https://intranet/ instead of
http://intranet/, or instead of

For SharePoint, it displays this error since it cannot resolve the URL even though it was able to load the website. So, before you freak out on what happened to the list and scratch your head, why? Take a look if you need to correct the protocol and check if it will resolve the issue.


4 thoughts on “SharePoint “List does not exist” error

    • Hi, Sean.
      There is likely another issue if you have the correct HTTPS protocol and URL. I’d suggest checking out the logs with ULS viewer to view the exact error to view additional details.

      Also, is it happening across all list in the site? I hope that helps!

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