SharePoint Feature Definition files missing

Tech Trek – 2013.03.22

Just another SharePoint trek day. I was checking Site Settings and got the following error while clicking Workflows:

"Failed to find the XML file at location 14\Template\Features\Office Mobile PowerPoint Viewer."

Site Administration

I’ve confirmed the feature definition doesn’t exist in that specific folder and so began my search for a possible resolution. I found the article below that recommended to restore the definition files. Now, where would I get those XML definition files? 

As it turns out, I’ve noticed there is a “MobilePowerPointViewer” folder under TEMPLATES\FEATURES folder of 14 Hive. I copied the entire folder and renamed it into “OfficeMobilePowerPointViewer” and viola — problem solved. I’ve applied the same for MobileWordViewer after I got a similar error.

Another day, another mystery solved.

Feature definition files for features installed within SharePoint Farm cannot be found.


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