SharePoint Timer service restart error

Tech Trek – 2013.04.27

Working with technologies more than half of my life. In connection, I’m renaming the blog site into Tech Trek Trenches (TIII) with such milestone in my career.

Here’s another post where I troubleshoot a problem from the trenches. Once in a while, I encounter server restart issues for SharePoint server and it will display that SharePoint Timer service is not started as shown below.

SharePoint Services

Restarting the Timer service will be successful but will eventually fail and attempt to retry restarting on its own. What was happening?

Upon further research, I found that the following services also didn’t start:

  • ForeFront Identity Manager Service
  • ForeFront Identify Manager Synchronization Service

If you look in SharePoint Central Admin, there are scheduled timer jobs related to these services. In my case, ForeFront services were not started properly, then, SharePoint Timer Service will eventually fail. Upon restarting these two dependencies, everything will be back to normal.

Another day, another mystery solved …


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