SharePoint Send an Email when Owner is Assigned

Tech Trek – 2014.06.28

One of the nice things about SharePoint Task list is the ability to send an email notification when an ownership is assigned. Check out Advanced Settings in List Settings page as shown in the following screenshot.

Task EMail

What if your SharePoint list doesn’t fit the Task template?

But WAIT (pun intended), don’t despair! Open up your friendly SharePoint Designer and let’s build a simple workflow to address this need.

There is a SharePoint Designer action called Wait for field change in current item that you can use for this scenario. Here’s a screenshot where I have a Person/Group column called Item Owner to collect the possible recipient of a list item.

Then, you can use the Send Email action to notify the user after this event has been completed. It is usually best practice to create conditional checks and add a history log entry to denote workflow completion.

Wait for Event

Once your custom workflow is published, set the Start options when a new item is created and associate the list. Voila!

Wait for Start Options

New entries will wait for the field to change and send an email after the Owner column is updated.

I’d recommend having a site owner that will manage the list and assign items immediately to the respective people. You can send an email notification to the site owner by using the built-in SharePoint alert when new entries are added.

Mission Accomplished!


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