SharePoint files moved into root folder

Tech Trek – 2016 January

Users reporting that files are missing in their respective child folders, and eventually being moved into the root folder of the document library.


  1. Identify if the affected SP 2013 site/library is being accessed via SharePoint Workspace (formerly Groove) client and your content is not over these file restrictions.
  2. Make sure that the following patch is applied for Workspace 2010 client
    SharePoint Workspace 2010 hotfix – February, 2012
  3. To temporarily address the automatic transfer into the root folder –
    Set Offline Client Availability to No under Advanced Settings for the affected Document Library.Missing-Files-Offline


2 thoughts on “SharePoint files moved into root folder

  1. Could this be a fix for a similar issue with a document library in SharePoint 2016? I have files mysteriously moving from their designated place in the library’s file structure to the library’s root for no reason.


    • Pb,
      You can attempt to disable the Offline sync in Advanced settings and move the affected files in the correct folder first.

      Much easier than trying to isolate which client app is causing the issue, then, you can apply the patch as needed.


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