Launch PowerPoint files into slideshow in Office 365

Tech Trek – 2018.06.13

I’ve had a blog post to open a PowerPoint file into slideshow mode back in SharePoint 2010 version.

In SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, the link no longer works since PowerPoint.aspx was replaced by WopiFrame.aspx page.

Below is the updated link to launch into slideshow mode.

In SharePoint 2013, 
In Office 365, 

The key change is replacing the action parameter with embedview so that animations can be displayed. The manual method is to click Start Slide Show when the PowerPoint file opens in Office Web App.


8 thoughts on “Launch PowerPoint files into slideshow in Office 365

  1. Would be good to see, how we could use the option of WopiFrame “open in new window” mode to actually work for full screen mode on the same site with “ESC” to exit back. How to change this? (Using: Sharepoint 2016 and .pptx Share – Embed iframe option in HTML)?

    • Hi, Danijel.
      Unfortunately, I don’t have access to SP2016 environment since I’m using SPO at this time. I would imagine launching a new window would be specified using the target=’blank’ attribute of anchor tag.

  2. Thanks for this, however My PPT have a macro while I was able to get the PPT in presentation mode, it seems the macros are not working. Do you know anymore ideas how to enable macros and still have it in presentation mode?

    • Hi, @Eivan.
      I’m afraid macros are disabled by design since it can pose a security risk when being ran from a Web browser. I’ll try to re-create this in my environment to confirm but cannot guarantee a solution.

      By the way, what does your macro perform within the presentation?


  3. Thank God and thanks to you FYano.

    Here is my Testimony.

    I am working on migration of SP sites from SP2010 to SPO. There is a powerpoint item that needs to be displayed as slideshow mode in pageviewer webpart. I tried googling for the URL Frame but that doesn’t helped me. I then Prayed to God to help me on this. I asked Him that there is nothing He doesn’t know. I prayed Him that this URL Frame is a very minute thing for Him. He answered my prayer. Then I got your blog post in search. This helped me straightly without any confusion.

    Thank God and thanks to you FYano.

    Glory be to God and happy that He used you on this purpose. Amen

    • You’re welcome. I’ve had a request from someone preparing a Wiki page so I had to update my earlier post.

      Glad that it was able to help you out.

  4. Thank God and thanks to you FYano.

    Here is my Testimony.

    Glory be to God and happy that He used you on this purpose. Amen.

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