Migrate OneNote notebook into SharePoint Online

Tech Trek Log – 2019.03.02

I’ve been migrating content from SharePoint on-prem sites and one of the things that is not covered by SharePoint Migration Tool is transferring OneNote notebooks. I’ve searched for online resources and Microsoft Support has a different approach of moving notebook sections rather than copying entire notebooks into Office 365.

Here are my “notes” when moving a OneNote file into a different location like SharePoint Online or another site collection.

You will need to communicate into existing users that they need to close their local notebook copies before migration so that OneNote app doesn’t sync in the old location. The only other recourse is deleting the source file after migration so that no sync issues can occur.

  • Open source location and select Edit in Microsoft OneNote.
  • Switch to OneNote app and right-click on notebook title then select Properties…
  • Click Change Location… button and paste the SharePoint library URL in the Folder name. Make sure you have the correct destination library before proceeding. Specifying a non-document library will result into an error during transfer.
Change Location…
  • OneNote is syncing changes will be displayed then click OK button to close the window.
  • IMPORTANT: Right-click on notebook title and select Notebook Sync status… This operation may take time depending on the file size especially with attached or embedded objects.
Notebook Sync Status…
  • Click Close button once synchronization is completed or displays Up to date. Closing the notebook before the sync can be completed will result into Misplaced sections.

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