SharePoint into Office 365 Migration

Tech Trek – 2019.04.06

Time for another tips collection that I’ve posted via Twitter so that it will be easier to review them together. A presentation that I made last November in Vancouver Office 365 user group monthly Meetup was the topic of content migration into Office 365 using SharePoint Migration Tool. I made an analogy that going into your Cloud Journey is like moving into a new house. You can either do the proper preparation so that you have a smooth transition, or wing it which reduces the value of your digital transformation efforts.

Here are a couple of tips that could be useful as you migrate content from SharePoint on-premises or file shares into Office 365.


Planning involves the following steps to identify the 3 R’s for each SharePoint site collection or network drive in your environment.

  • Retain – content that have been stale
  • Relocate – content that are still relevant
  • Rebuild – to take advantage of Modern features in Office 365

You’ll need to check the following so that no surprises are made during transition.

Microsoft Teams

Moving content into Office 365 will likely run into a decision point whether existing SharePoint sites should be consumed via Microsoft Teams. These are the considerations you’ll need for such scenario.


Microsoft OneNote is handled differently during migration. Below is a link to the previous blog post I’ve written on how to properly copy/move OneNote notebooks either into Office 365 or another site collection.

Post Migration

Migration doesn’t end when files are transferred into its new location. There will be a couple of things to check especially when using SharePoint Migration Tool provided by Microsoft.

I’ll update this blog post as I discover and add new tips. I’d also welcome if you would like me to present the “4 Phases to your Office 365 Journey using Microsoft Migration Tools” for virtual or in-person user group meetings.

Best wishes on your own Cloud journey!


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