About Me

Working as Software Developer/Analyst in North America and participating in local church and virtual communities.


  • Reading computer journals/fantasy novels and playing PC games or PS3 console


  • [Web Development], ASP.NET, SharePoint
  • [RPG], D&D, NWN, DA:O
  • [Sports], Short Track Skating, NBA, NFL


  • [Genres], R&B, Pop-Jazz
  • [Artists], Julia Fordham, Basia, Lisa Stansfield
  • [Bands], 10K Maniacs, Tears for Fears, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Glass Tigers, The Real Thing

TV Shows:

  • [Comedies] Big Bang Theory
  • [Documentary] Naked Archeologist, Fifth
  • [Reality] Amazing Race, Undercover Boss
  • [Sci-Fi] Star Trek


  • [Fantasy], LOTR series, The Hobbit series
  • [Sci-Fi], Star Wars, The Dark Knight


  • [Non-Fiction], Scriptures, Art of War, Book of Five Rings
  • [Fantasy], Dark Elf series by RA Salvatore (Drizzt), LOTR

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